Evidence Based Worming has developed a range of stimulating, hands-on workshops designed to demystify equine parasitic worms and provide participants with the tools for their effective management.

Workshop V1

wormPower! V.1 workshops are organised by Evidence Based Worming and will be advertised through social media.

wormPower! workshops are Evidence Based Worming’s education program that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to identify and count Strongyle (aka Cyathostomin) eggs in an equine faecal sample.

In our workshops, emphasis is on small groups of participants (min. 4, max. 8) to ensure everyone will leave the workshop knowing they are competent in undertaking Faecal Egg Counting (FEC) and FEC Reduction Testing (FECRT) procedures.

A comprehensive workbook will be provided with links to further resources and all wormPower! workshop participants will be eligible for a 10{2ec7fee3a5d31d0314cd8b638f37363370dd18196fc303fb40c0a7e3e82f99ca} discount on a FEClab™ or a Paracount-EPG™ kit purchased from EBW on the day of the workshop.

Participants will not be left high and dry after the workshop.  We are here to mentor you if, later on, you find yourself in a bit of a pickle and need to be pointed in the right direction.

wormPower! V.1 Price:  $250.00 per participant


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Workshop V2

 wormPower! V.2 is the same as V.1 with the key difference is that you get to decide where* and when!

wormPower! V.2 will work best for equestrian clubs and associations who wish to organise an event at their clubhouse or at a venue central to their members.  You will organise everything except for the training.  EBW is fully self-contained and we bring all our training equipment and resources to the venue for this one-day workshop.  Click to view the wormPower! workshop outline.

Our needs are quite simple:  a room, tables and chairs to accommodate 8 participants (each will have access to a microscope).  Obviously, access to a bathroom will be important and a kitchenette for ad lib tea and coffee would make it even better.  Air conditioning or a fan will make it more comfortable for participants on a hot summer’s day and some heating if it is mid-winter.  Oh, we will need electricity too so that the microscopes have a light source.  At the completion of the workshop we don’t leave you with a mess to clean up as we take all waste products home with us for the garden!

Did you notice the * next to ‘where’ above?  We are based in South Australia but occasionally undertake workshops in the ACT region and could possibly be enticed to other regions but additional costs for accommodation and travel (by car) would have to apply.

The price per participant reflects the fact that you will be doing the organising.  Our minimum number for a workshop to proceed in the local area is 6 participants.  If you have a lot more that 8 people who are interested, we could of course do back-to-back workshops.  We’re flexible!  All participants will be eligible for a 10{2ec7fee3a5d31d0314cd8b638f37363370dd18196fc303fb40c0a7e3e82f99ca} discount on a FEClab™ or Paracount-EPG™ kit purchased on the day.

wormPower! V.2 Price: $200 per participant.

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Workshop HQ

wormPower! HQ – where you come to the epicentre of Evidence Based Worming

We know that sometimes it’s not possible to attend one of our larger group workshops so Evidence Based Worming’s flexibility policy has designed this course just for you.  The ‘downside’ is, however, that you will have to travel to this beautiful part of the Fleurieu Peninsular in South Australia and spend the day on an island.  ‘What do I do with the family?’ I hear you cry.  In this Alexandinra region there are plenty of activities for people of all ages (Goolwa’s Cockle Train for example) so they will be very busy having fun while you are having a different kind of fun! But, we regret we are unable to offer a minding service for your little ones.

The wormPower! HQ workshop is for one person, two people or three people.  It will be conducted at our own premises and you will be well looked after by our friendly team of two.  Yes, we know the price is just the same as attending a group workshop, but the attention you receive will be more individualised and there will be more time to hone your new faecal egg counting skills.  You will be also be provided with refreshments and a light lunch.  And, of course, you will receive a 10{2ec7fee3a5d31d0314cd8b638f37363370dd18196fc303fb40c0a7e3e82f99ca} discount on a FEClab™ or Paracount-EPG™ kit that you might purchase on the day.  Come along by yourself or bring one or two of your friends who can be trained along with you!

Click to view the wormPower! workshop outline.

wormPower! HQ Price:  $250 per participant

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Workshop bSpoke

Do you want something different?

(NOTE:  this workshop is currently under development)

Why not a organise a workshop that covers other horse intestinal parasites such as tapeworms, pinworms, roundworms and bots?  This half-day workshop will provide participants with a greater depth of knowledge about different types of Strongyle worms as well as other parasitic worms having the potential to affect horses of all ages in Australia.  In this workshop we  investigate at the presence or absence of resistance in the nematode populations and appraise different strategies to manage them.  Bot flies are also covered in this workshop.

Note that this is not a Faecal Egg Counting workshop because the eggs from some of these worms may not appear in a faecal sample, the reasons for this will be covered in the workshop.  The workshop is, therefore, more based on theory and looking at samples but we will endeavour to make it memorable nonetheless!

wormPower! bSpoke will appeal to horse breeders and non-horse breeders alike and, in fact, anyone who has a passion for understanding equine parasitic worms.

Workshop participants will receive a comprehensive workbook with links to further useful resources and will, of course, be entitled to a 10{2ec7fee3a5d31d0314cd8b638f37363370dd18196fc303fb40c0a7e3e82f99ca} discount on a FEClab™ or Paracount-EPG™ purchased on the day.

wormPower! bSpoke Price:  $100 per participant