My little dog, Bodo, went to the vet last week for her annual teeth clean and pedicure.  During post-operative chit-chat, veterinarian Dr Chris asked me if I could write a short piece for my blog about the dangers of some types of horse wormers when ingested by dogs.  Dr Chris explained that the previous week a large pup had been taken to his practice after being found ingesting a mectin-based horse wormer that was on the back seat of a car in which the pup was travelling.  Within hours, the pup was presenting unwell clinically and, sadly, died six days later.  Nothing could be done to save it.

So please exercise care with chemical anthelmintics – keep them well out of reach of dogs and, of course, small inquisitive children.  As we horse owners know, some of these de-wormers are flavoured to make them palatable to horses, which can also make them attractive to other animals.

Spread the word – don’t leave horse wormers where they can be accessed by your kids or pets.  Let this pup’s death leave a legacy of greater awareness within the horse community about the lethal effect of mectin-based wormers on some non-target species such as dogs.