It is with extreme sadness that the first entry into my new website/Facebook integrated Blog is about the passing of my dear friend and veterinarian, Richard Chapman.  I was fortunate to meet Richard way back in about 1979 when I knew diddly-squat about how to manage my horse’s parasites and consequently my first horse got quite sick with strongyles.  I had just moved to a new city and knew no-one, let alone any vets.  It was pure luck he was visiting the agistment centre, saw my horse standing depressed under a tree and exclaimed ‘my goodness, that’s a wormy horse!’  That comment and his later attention to all my horse’s veterinary needs set me on a path of continuous education into all things equine, particularly equine gastro-intestinal parasitology.  I can honestly say that, years later in 2015, Richard was the inspiration for my business, Evidence Based Worming.

Whenever Richard arrived to treat horses you were immediately put at ease, he was a no-fuss, lateral thinking, old fashioned sort of vet who always could come up with a practical approach to treatment.  He was cheeky, funny, compassionate and a good friend. I was one of the many people who nagged him into writing his book (which I am proud to be selling through my website) ‘Should I call the vet? and what should I do until he gets here’.  I think I was also one of many people who offered to type it up for him!

Richard leaves the ACT horse community in mourning at the moment, he was well known, well respected and well loved.  Rest easy Richard, may your heaven be stacked with grateful horses and companion animals that you have treated over the many years you were with us.

Sincere condolences to his family – please be comforted that many of us are thinking of you at this time.