Evidence Based Worming’s carefully crafted services are designed for flexible of knowledge and skills essential for combating worm resistance in horses.

Faecal Egg Counts / Reduction Testing

Evidence Based Worming offers confidential Faecal Egg Count and Faecal Egg Count Reduction Testing services to its clients.  Upon full payment, each EBW client will receive an official EBW statement of test results along with explanatory notes and tailored guidance if FEC/RT results indicate this is necessary.

Workshops – you can do it too! – now in the comfort of your own home…

PLEASE NOTE:  Our face-to-face workshops have been discontinued because of numerous requests to conduct them all over Australia and our inability to do so as the amount of training equipment required for each workshop would keep us a prisoner of the highways and away from our horses for too long.

What to do?  We think you will love our solution – we have developed a stress-free, DIY workshop manual in which every step of the FEC test process has been photographed and labeled.  You WILL be able to learn the procedure with our new manual – Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch.  The manual or, even better, the manual and a FEC starter kit (because we know you will want to get going straight away) can be purchased from our shop.  If you should purchase the Combo, you will save almost 15% on purchasing these items separately.

Check them out here…. Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch and Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch Combo

Navigate to our shop for more details about each item (eg, the contents page of the manual, an example of labeled images and the components of the Combo starter kit)

Please note, you will need access to a microscope with a mechanical stage and capable of magnifying 100x.  Ask around, or purchase with a group of friends.  We don’t sell microscopes, but we can put you in touch with Phil from The Microscope Shop who is the sole provider of microscopes to EBW.

Extension (Communication) Services

EBW prides itself on being a Science Communicator, that is, we monitor the latest relevant research and then transcribe it into a language that non-scientific horse managers will easily understand. We do this through our FaceBook posts, Horse Chats, Horses and People Magazine and also through our Extension services.

Our aim is to develop people skills in the horse industry with a particular focus on empowering horse owners everywhere to take control of worm management in their own situations.

EBWs Extension Services comprise:
> consultations
> professional presentations
> development of evidence-based worming strategies for individual circumstances
> personalised extension programs

Call us to discuss your Extension needs.

EBW Prices: contact us and we can negotiate!