Winning Horsemanship – a judge’s secrets, and tips for your success!


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Have you ever dreamed of taking your horsemanship to the next level?  Have you ever left the arena thinking you could have done better – or wondering why you didn’t? International author, horse riding champion and judge Joanne Verikios shares her years of expertise and experience in this insightful book. Winning Horsemanship’s 192 pages will show you how to achieve the success you desire and deserve. Learn how to master yourself, your horse and the secrets of winning!  In Winning Horsemanship, Joanne also shares the secrets of her success as a champion, international Powerlifter and how that essential winning mindset is also applicable for winning in equestrian sports.



If horses are your passion and you:

  • dream of taking your horsemanship to the next level;
  • have ever left the arena thinking you could have done better – or wondering why you didn’t;
  • want to have more fun with your horse, instead of wondering if you are doing the wrong thing;
  • feel that a breakthrough is close but just don’t know how to get past a sticking point;
  • would like to create a truly harmonious partnership where your horse is happy, smart and confident and responds willingly, free from fear or confusion;
  • want to achieve horse-life balance and enjoy loving relationships with the important people in your life;
  • are looking for advice that is simple, timeless and gimmick-free; or
  • just feel that you could simply use some self-belief, inspiration and motivation,

        then this book is for you! You will discover:

  • how to double your enjoyment of your horse…in and out of the arena;
  • the tips and secrets of successful ring craft used by top trainers and riders;
  • how to avoid painful, costly mistakes that can hold you back – or get you hurt;
  • the psychology of confidence (and how to share it with your horse);
  • how simple changes in what you think can change the way your horse behaves;
  • 7 proven steps to prepare your horse for any competition; and
  • subtle ways to take control and say goodbye to poor performance forever.

Evidence Based Worming is proud to have contributed to Winning Horsemanship’s Chapter 4 – Nurture.