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Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch – Free Sneak Peek!

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Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch* – Free Sneak Peek!

This free sample booklet has been prepared to provide you with an insight into the Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch e-book.  Not only do you get to see the book’s contents page and examples of faecal egg counting images, you will also be able to play with its page-loading features (just like a real book) and have fun downloading it or installing it on your own device.  All this without having to spend a cent!  .. but we hope you like it enough to purchase the e-book so you can get going with learning the faecal egg counting process for your own horses.

Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch (only $24.95) or the hard copy (only $39.95 including P & H) will liberate you forever from routine anthelmintic treatments for your horses without even knowing whether or not your horse has worms!

* The e-book and the hard copy have identical contents.