FEClab Starter Kit


FEClab™ Starter Kit has been designed to get you going with FEC testing quickly!

Price includes shipping and handling within Australia.



FEClab™ Starter Kit will get you started* with your first FEC test! 

Contents of kit:

  • 1 x high quality 2-chambered McMaster slide – enables accuracy to 25 eggs per gram.  Made of clear, durable acrylic with coloured gridlines (colour may vary depending upon product availability)
  • 1 x glass calibrated vial – takes the thinking out of the equation – fill with flotation solution to the first line, top up with manure sample to the second line and stir
  • 1 x plastic forceps
  • 1 x Pasteur pipette
  • 1 x plastic spatula for stirring
  • 2 x disposable gloves
  • 1 x 200g sachet of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) granules – enables you to make half a litre of flotation solution
  • 1 x hand tally counter – so that you don’t lose count (counter may be a different colour than that shown in shop image)
  • 1 x instructions for making 500ml of flotation solution with included granules
  • 1 x recycled paper box container for equipment storage

*access to a microscope with a mechanical stage and 100x magnification is required