e-book: Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch


Now in this handy e-book format, Evidence Based Worming’s stress-free, do-it-yourself guide to undertaking faecal egg counts for horses.

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Once you purchase your Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch e-Book, you will receive an email ‘Thank you for your order’.  Click on the link in the Download column and then carefully follow the instructions you will see at the top of the page that will open.  From this page you can either download a PDF or Install the e-book onto your own device (recommended).  As the Install app has been designed to work with Google Chrome, we suggest installing Chrome and putting its icon into the menu bar.


The e-book you have been waiting for! 

This e-book will demonstrate to you that faecal egg counts are not complicated and, if you follow the steps, you will be up and running before you know it.

Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch now has conversion tables in the Addendum so it doesn’t matter where you live, you will still be able to do simple measuring if you don’t have a calibrated vial.

This e-book is 54 pages long and has over 85 images and tables, all painstakingly photographed and designed so that you are not left guessing at any point in the process.

One of the most exciting features of the Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch e-book is that it can be installed on your device for later reading offline*, (and you can also download the PDF with this option). When you install the e-book, it becomes a stand-alone native like an app on any of your devices. It even looks like an app! (Important:  you will need to install Google Chrome in order to install and view this feature.)

…or, you can simply download the PDF right from the start.

Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch is in 3 parts, all written in language you can easily understand (ie, not in scientific gobbledygook..)

    • Part 1 sets out the concept behind evidence-based worming that is accepted by equine parasitology experts worldwide
    • Part 2 details the step-by-step process with over 75 images, pictures of eggs to count and pictures of things not to count
    • Part 3 is stacked full of additional resources if you want to take your knowledge of equine gastrointestinal parasitology to the next level

Before you purchase, I encourage you to study the contents page that I have uploaded, just so you know what is covered in the e-book.

Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch has been field-tested by horse owners such as yourself who had never done a faecal egg count before, and their feedback has enabled each section of the manual to be fine-tuned so that there is minimal risk of you losing your way when undertaking your first egg count.  So jump in, get your own copy and join the growing number of horse women and men who are liberating themselves from traditional worming methods which are not based on evidence.

*Note:  links will not be live if you read the e-book offline.


“Thanks, Jude, for your guidance to start me on my own evidence-based worming journey.  I appreciate your advice on purchasing my microscope.  And your book, Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch, is brilliant!  It is so well thought through, explains everything logically and is easily understood.  So, when it cam to using the FEC starter pack and doing my first FEC, I found it quite easy.  I’m sure I’ll get faster as I get more practice.  I’m feeling really empowered about it all now and looking forward to a healthier environment for my horses in future.  so, if anyone who has been contemplating doing FECs themselves, but hesitating because they are unsure or lack a little confidence, visit the EBW website and talk to Jude. I can highly recommend it!”  (Linda Z, Queensland, Australia)
“Thanks again for my kit – and the booklet.  I haven’t done a FEC for over 30 years but now I’m up and running.  I was really impressed with your book, I think you have done an outstanding job.  The idea of setting up a low-cost FEC lab is inspired as well.  I hope you thrive!”  (Dr Chris K, veterinarian, medical writer, editor and author, Queensland, Australia)