Do I call the vet? And what to do in the meantime. Dr Richard H. Chapman, BVSc.


In a nutshell, Dr Richard Chapman was the inspiration for Evidence Based Worming.  Many years ago Dr Chapman saved a horse of mine and it was the first time I had encountered the term ‘worm resistance’.  But this book is not about worms, it is more than that – it’s a very sensible, practical guide for everyone who is interested in the well-being of their animals and should be as much a part of the animal first aid kit as a bandage.

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This book is a 135 page treasury of information, reassurance, tips, and first aid techniques for horses, dogs and cats is an invaluable resource for all who care for animals.

Dr Chapman practises veterinary medicine in the old-fashioned way: feeling with his fingertips, using his eyes, ears, sense of smell and a large dose of intuition. He mixes experience with wisdom, combining old and new practices, techniques and technologies.

In addition to cures and remedies for animal maladies, Do I Call the Vet? and what to do in the meantime also contains many well-proven and simple health-promoting practices for otherwise healthy animals, for those seeking preventative measures which help to maintain sustained animal well-being.

Do I Call the Vet? and what to do in the meantime was written in response to requests from many of his clients who have come to rely on his knowledge and understanding of animals and the illnesses, accidents and ailments which beset them.

Maintaining the tone of the chatty and informal way he speaks to his clients, this book ensures that Dr Chapman’s words of wisdom are now accessible to all people in need of animal care advice.

The Contents of Do I call the vet? include feeding, mouth and alimentary problems, coughs and colds. eyes and ears, founder/laminitis, hormonal and musculo-skeletal conditions, skin conditions, wounds and more.