Thanks for purchasing my e-book!  You can now either download it as a PDF from this page or install it on your own device for later.

  1. When the cover page of the book has loaded just below the picture with the blue arrow, scroll down and click on the 3 dots at the bottom right of the page (as indicated in the circle in the top image)
  2. To download the PDF file, simply click on this option from the list
  3. To install it onto your own device (Mac or Windows) –
    • smart phone or tablet – click on the Download link you received in your email and follow the prompts
    • desktop or laptop computer, follow instructions 4 – 7 below
  4. Click on the Install option from the list at the end of the blue arrow
  5. The e-book will open followed shortly by a small Google Chrome pop-up window.  Click on Install to set the “app” on your device.
  6. When the e-book is installed, your computer or smart device should now have a little ‘app’ with the cover page of the book on it.
  7. If, for some reason, Install does not appear in the pop-up window, there is an easy workaround.  Simply copy the link in the menu bar above the pop-up window, open Google Chrome, paste it into the search engine and press Enter.  When the book opens you will see an ‘Install’ icon at the top on the right.  Click on this icon and click on Install.
  8. You will be able to read the e-book with all its features either on- or off-line.  Please note, however, the links in the e-book wont be active unless you are online.