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Delivering a scientific, yet practical approach for preventing worm resistance in horses. Start by meeting “Cynthia Cyathostomin” – a representative of a world most of us never get to see.

Watch a Strongyle Worm in Action



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Watch a Strongyle Worm in Action

Rarely seen, this video footage of “Cynthia Cyathostomin” was captured in EBW’s laboratory. The video is of a 3rd stage infective lava (L3) of one of about 50 known species of small Strongyles (or bloodworms) known collectively as Cyathostomins. Over her lifetime, “Cynthia” will make her way from a manure pile up onto a blade of grass where she will be ingested by a horse. She will then travel down through the digestive tract to her destination within the horse’s large intestine and caecum where she will find a mate, breed and lay eggs that will leave the horse in the usual way and the cycle will start over again from the dung pile on the ground.

Well, that’s the long story short of “Cynthia’s” lifecycle and you can read her full story in EBW’s free poster – Equine Cyathostomins. For the EBW team, however, “Cynthia’s” greatest role by far has been as the inspiration for Evidence Based Worming.

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What they say

  • M. Harrison (now flying solo..)

    Am enjoying using my microscope 🙂  No problems with any part of the process, thankyou for all your clear and concise instructions.  I've tested 4 horses and only found 1 strongyle, egg and that was outside the grid!  At least I was reassured I could recognise one.

    Thankyou you again for everything!

  • M. Harrison, SA.

    A very valuable workshop, based on scientific evidence.  Enjoyable and easy to follow.  Jude has a very relaxed manner and is very approachable.

  • Anita B., S.A.

    Great informative source.  Jude is a great presenter.

  • Carol B, DeHavilland Park, SA.

    This workshop is so worth it!  Jude’s presentation and knowledge was excellent.  Easy to understand, educational and entertaining.  I feel that this “Evidence Based Worming” workshop is an essential tool in horse husbandry.  Do your horse a favour and buy a microscope!  You’ll be amazed what you find out.